About Eco Pro Tem

EcoProTem was created to provide interim environmental managers, filling a gap in the market between hiring environmental staff and contracting consultants. EcoProTem provides part-time or temporary environmental management personnel to mining companies, local government, community groupds and industrial enterprises.
Services to these organisations range from providing an environmental manager on a permanent part-time basis, through to a short-term replacement for a staff member who has left or is on leave.
Established in 2010, EcoProTem is owned by Faith Coleman (Cook). Prior to starting EcoProTem, Faith worked as an environmental consultant for fourteen years. Over this time, Faith maintained a significant list of long-term clients, including mining, industry, state and local government organisations.
Faith is known for her skills in the development of environmental problem-solving, Natural Resource Management policy, GIS and remote sensing, statistics and biometrics. She also has extensive experience empowering communities.  through working with community groups and as the community contact on larger industrial sites.
For community groups, Faith's skills in grant preparation, project management and promotion have been invaluable. 
As a senior consultant, Faith developed an ability to rapidly undertake detailed systems analysis and prioritisation of staff workloads or expenditure. Faith was trained as a project manager while working with KBR. Since then, Faith has gained extensive project management experiance, regularly working to tight timeframes or in high pressure situations. 
Faith is a council member for the Royal Society of South Australian and Northern Group member for the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. She is also a member of the International Society for Salt Lake Research.

John Barrie has twenty years experience as a horticulturalist. John and his wife Julie own and run the Daisy Patch indigenous plant nursery. He has skills in botany and palaeontology, having authored or co-authored several books, booklets and other publications. In addition to his work through Daisy Patch, John has contracted for Rural Solutions and Delta Environmental Consulting as a revegetation specialist, undertaken bush condition assessments for the Coorong District Local  Action Plan and  worked for Greening Australia as a Biodiversity Assessor. 

John was a qualified general builder before he became involved in horticulture and botany. These skills now lend themselves to contractor management, construction of interpretive facilities and project management.

John is the Regional President of the Australian Plant Society SA Region Inc, a Friend of the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden and a member of the Nursery and Garden Industry SA.   

Bill Harman is a Conservation and Land Management Lecturer and Coordinator at the TAFE SA Aboriginal Access Centre. He has thirteen years experience in environmental management. 

Since 2002, Bill has worked for TAFE SA, training indigenous communities in conservation, land management, horticulture and revegetation.  During this time, Bill has worked with more than twenty Aboriginal communities, including Oak Valley, Yalata, Port Adelaide, Mt Gambier and Gerard.

Prior to his work with TAFE SA, Bill worked as a Laboratory Manager in the PIRSA Plant Health Entomology Laboratory and with the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, undertaking fire surveys and fire control. 

Bill is a member of various environmental groups, committees and boards, including the Yapala Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) committee. He has an extensive industry network, including a range of government agency staff (DENR, PIRSA, NRM & ALT) and representatives from each of the South Australian Aboriginal communities participating in his training programs.

Glenys Wood has fourteen years experience across a diverse range of environmental and scientific disciplines. Over the last seven years, Glenys has been leading the "Revegetation by Design" program for the South Australian Research and Development Institute. This novel program worked with landholders on the Northern Adelaide Plains, demonstrating the ability of native plantings to reduce horticultural weeds, pests and diseases.  

Glenys is a qualified vocational education trainer and assessor, with experience developing and delivering workshops for the Adelaide and Mt Lofty NRM Board, TAFE SA and Arris Pty Ltd. 

She has the ability to liaise with a wide range of stakeholders, including scientists, food producers, landholders, government and industry. She is able to encourage strong ties, understandings and networks between these groups, ensuring that her projects are self-sustaining, long beyond the initial funding period. 

While developing a toxic bait to suppress invasive European wasps, Glenys developed a reputation for calm and professional conduct in potentially sensitive situations. Her broad experience in agricultural and urban entomology has lead to a long involvement with the Adelaide and Flinders Universities, designing and delivering a range of lectures on arthropods as pests in environmental health, agriculture and as invasive organisms.  

Glenys is currently Chair of the Hortex Alliance Inc, which is a not-for-profit alliance of growers, industry providers and researchers. Hortex aims to support and promote sustainable agriculture production systems on the Northern Adelaide Plains.  She is also a member of the Australian Entomological Society In and the Australian Society of Cytology.  

In addition to our core team members, EcoProTem has a diverse network of external specialists, who assist as opportunities arise. 

EcoProTem has a strong working relationship with a number of South Australian consultancy firms, who utilise the skills of EcoProTem team members to enhance or expand their skill offerings and ensure timely, high quality delivery of projects during busy periods.